Our Mission and Edge

We integrate independent, innovative oil & gas data and market analysis with seasoned geopolitical, policy and regulatory expertise to provide timely and actionable insights on energy prices and industry costs.

We have proven success in forecasting global oil & gas supply, demand, inventory and price trends for the world's leading financial and energy industry firms.

Our real-time market and country risk analysis is enhanced by global intelligence networks and perspectives gained from decades of experience in senior levels of government, industry and markets.

We understand the information overload problem and speak only when we have something actionable to say.

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Our Team

Our team of former senior officials and policymakers brings decades of experience in industry and government, with a focus on energy, the economy, foreign policy, national security, and intelligence.

Our experience includes The White House, the diplomatic and intelligence communities, national oil companies and the financial services sector.

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For more information about Rapidan Energy Group, or to request a trial of our leading oil market, energy policy, and geopolitical risk research, use the form below or contact us at +1 301 656 4480.